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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Trenches 1, addicting, but pathetically easy.

Trenches 1 is an addicting game available on the Appstore, it is a trench based warefare game set in WW1. It has recieved very good reviews and scores due to its fun and addictive nature. Recent updates have allowed Player vs Player mode and co-oprative mode allowing players to work together or fight it out on the battlefield. It also includes and campaign mode, a series of missions for either the british or Germans. Sadly, the campaign is extremely short and boring. It may as well be skirmish mode with a few differences. Also, battles turn out to be a huge massing of riflemen in your single trench, who than charge and easily win the game 100% of the time.

I win?
Even in multiplayer mode, when the opponents actually has a chance, losing 2-3 men at the start means your ultimate destruction.
In other modes, like pygmy horde and zombie horde, the gameplay gets alot more interesting as massing troops does not allow you tin easily own the enemy, you have to create a mixed combination of troops to equeal out the incoming zombies. These troops include: Rifleman, engineer, machine gunner, sniper, mortar, Bomb drop and Gas drop. Gas and bomb drop can be placed anywhere on the field and are very useful to clear out some enemy troops before a charge.
Steamwork's boast that the AI is "adaptive" If at all, this is a very unrecognizable feature, no matter how many times you beat it, it just tries to blow you up and work you down, 1 rifleman at a time.
I have to admit, the voice acting is really good and funny, the graphics are not to bad and it certainly is addicting. The multiplayer mode is fairly exciting when you play with your friends as well. But the AI combat is pathetically easy due to the easiest tactic in the game, and the campaign in just a cover for slightly different skirmishes. Overall it is well worth what you pay for it, enjoyable and addictive!
(Trenches 2 is now available!)

Rating: 31.5/50

Plot and storyline-3

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Zenonia 4 - A tactic, an overpowered class and a broken PVP.

Heard of Zenonia 4? It's an extremely popular game that is now available on the appstore. Its creators, Gamevil boast an amazing 40 hours of gameplay; allowing you to embark on an epic adventure to save the world from an evil force. Included in the game are several features, one of these are PvP, a game mode enabling you to combat in a single or team battle against randoms or your friends. You enter pvp mode with your character exactly as it would be in single player, with the exception of health potions. This results in players facing opponents higher levels, obviously, the fight lasts a few secounds and they get owned. This is O.K, theres not always going to be an equal fight available all the time, but is extremely annoying and turns players away from the feature. Several people i have talked to eventually completely abandond it. But once you start to reach level 35 things turn bad, anyone facing a "blader" class are owned because of the mysterious shadow skill. (A video showcasing the skill). This skill creates several versions of the player which enable a quick an easy kill, even if the actual player dies, they have to kill ALL of the fake versions to win the game. So your probably thinking, well theres not that big of a chance you will face one of these people, but think again. Due people hacking the game, (Which in incredibly easy, check this out for example!) there are lvl 10's, who would normally have vaugly 200-300 attack, ending up with thousands of attack point's! This completely ruins the PvP system, with hackers winning all thier battles and fair players losing.
But i must admit, when you get a fair, good game it is enjoyable and fun.
To single player: Single player contains a fun, but sometimes confusing storyline. You can choose your class and upgrade your character as you level up and defeat monsters. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire single player experience. One thing i did find, was that with 99% of boss battles, you can simply run around in circles, waiting till the boss engages in an attack, dodge it and fit in a quick attack. This is mainly applicable to meele classes such as blader or slayer, but druid and ranger classes may use this tactic as well. Slowly working down the enemy in this way allows you to safely defeat your foe. I used this tactic thorough most of the game and it helped ALOT. (I will upload a video about this soon!)
Overall, i found this a great game with a few flaws that ruin certain features, but overall it created a great gaming experience.
Rating: 40/50
Plot and storyline-7.5

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