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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Save The Titanic, can you escape the iceberg in time?

(Sorry that everything is white highlighted, bit of a glitch)

 Save The Titanic, a game createdby Dustin Adair and voiced by Ed Mace, (Who work under the name Scary Robot Productions) is a simple but challenging game on the app store that shows many great qualitys of these sorts of simulation games. Its play dough like graphics and fitting sound and voice effects all add to the great nature of the game. Be warned, don't expect a fully fledged action game with sfx and amazing features. This is a simple game and nothing more. 
Previously, it was almost impossible to "save the titanic" as it was exceedingly hard, after a recent update it is now possible to win the game and get your score on the leader boards. (Through game centre.)

Much of the game is explained through its official description so I'll paste it here -
If you could go back in time to that fateful night and change history, would you? Well, here's your chance to "Save the Titanic!" Take command and rewrite history. Climb aboard! Step onto the bridge and take destiny by the... wheel. This is your moment to become the hero that saves them all. Or maybe you just feel like aiming for that overgrown ice cube. Go ahead!

The creator obviously has a great sense of humour and sarcasm that adds to the feeling of the game. It would be great if the game had more of these side pieces as shown here-

Shown: The game at its greatest.
Seriously, sharks with freakin' laser beams.
Only a few of these are found within the game which is saddening as things like this can bring the game to its full potential. 

The game is also connected with game centres achievement system (More info on Apples game centre.) and allows for 14 fun achievements like aiming directly for the centre of the iceberg, saving all but one person and waiting before turning the wheel and succeeding. These add more content and was a smart move on the creators behalf.

Thanks lots.

The few reviews for the game have been half decent, but popular view is that the game bores people fast, but is fine for the occasional bit of fun.

"For some reason I quickly fell in love with this game I beat easy medium and hard and I still love it!"
"At first I was kinda fun but after the fourth time it got really boring."

Being a small game there is little else to talk about, but Save The Titanic is a must try game. ( Especially as its free on the app store!)

Rating: 24/40


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