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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Terra Incognita – RPG goes Retro style with this upcoming Game.

Terra Incognita is a forthcoming RPG that is heavily inspired by Retro games, an epic journey drawing concepts and ideas from games like Suikoden 2 and final fantasy. As is with many aspiring Indie projects, Terra Incognita began with kick-starter, asking but a meek €500. But typical kindness, generosity and delight to see a new indie project pop up accumulated to a total of €3,650, meaning Dan will be adding loads of extra content to the game. Drawing concepts and ideas from games like Suikoden 2 and Final Fantasy, Terra Incognita is set to release December this year for PC, with later dates for Ouya, Android and Wii U.

1 - The combat system in early development.

Terra Incognita will consist of many different elements, with quests, dungeons and main and secondary storylines.
 Dan hinted in his kick-starter page that the game will include:
·         A gripping storyline 
·         A Vast World Map with lots of towns/cities/dungeons and more!
·         Tons of side-quests!
·         Items/ weapons/ equipment, Magic, Potions, Spells and more!
·         Lots of recruitable characters that are not story critical but can be used as battle party members!
·         Every character has their own special technique learning section. As well as learning Magic spells and other abilities.
·         Each party member’s statistics vary, depending on their class.  
·         Lots and lots of dungeon crawling, looting and monster hunting away from the main story, IF you're into that sort of thing (Of course you are!)

Character Sprites.

For a two man team a lot of effort has been and will be put into this game, I truly hope that Dan can meet his standards and produce for us an amazing Retro Inspired game which will take us back to the days of final fantasy and those other classic RPGs. If you’re feeling charitable donate or pre purchase the game from, and help this Indie Project be the best it can be. All the best to Dan with Terra Incognita, It’s great to see lots of interest in his game and with a bit of luck it will continue to grow into an epic game.

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