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Monday, 17 December 2012

Kingdom Rush - Finally, A Tower Defence Game Worth Playing.

Kingdom rush is a flashy cartoon tower defence game by some awesome developers at Ironhide Game Studios, and published by Armour Games, a much loved gaming website.
 These two great studios have brought forth this amazing game, Kingdom Rush.

This game is simple but intriguing, the cushy graphics and voice acting mixed with enjoyable game play allow hours and hours of tower defence fun.

Game play consists of four basic towers, which can be than upgraded to create more powerful and specialized structures as you defend you kingdom against evil baddies. Whilst being orientated towards strategy, the game still appeals to the average gamer with its easy learning curve. 

 Here's a quick run-down of the towers and their specific uses.

Its effortless and intuitive controls allow easy playing that will keep you hooked much longer than you could anticipate. Challenging, great looking and fun filled this could quiet possibly be the best flash game ever.

Its about 99c on the app store, so get it now and start saving the kingdom!

Rating: 39/40

Link Dump -

Guides to individual levels -

Community forum (Help, Guides, ect.) -

Plenty of guides on this youtube channel -

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