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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Osmos - Absorb Or Be Absorbed

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“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” – Welcome to the world of Osmos, absorb, or be absorbed in the world of motes as you embark on an enthralling odyssey. Offering 8 styles of game play, an ‘adventure’ like mode and multiplayer, Osmos is your first stop when looking to fill up the day and relax yourself.

Categorizing Osmos is a difficult job, it has some fast action moments, but there is a component of strategy and you simply can’t leave out the overwhelming sense of discovery and adventure. Osmos is all of these things, which is why it fetched Ipad Game Of The Year 2010. 

The game mechanics of Osmos open up a whole new style of gameplay, after grasping the concept of energy and physics you can fine tune your play style to match your personality. Are you an agressive player, absorbing at a fast pace, or are you patient, always calculating the angle of attack? Each play style has its own advantages and disadvantages, aggressively absorbing what you can will shrink you fast but you will absorb much faster. But playing carefully will test the patience of even the most tolerant players.

Style Of Game play -
Osmos includes various individual style in which the game can be played, here is a list of them and brief description.

Ambient -
In ambient, all other particles are simply floating around, making easy targets to absorb.

Antimatter -
Antimatter levels have special types of 'antimatter' particles, if you try to absorb these you shrink. Literal anti particles.

Impasse -
Impasse involves all other particles tightly packed and static; until you start moving them of course.

Repulsor -
Repulsor levels have a particle(s) that repel you and everything else, these particles can be tricky to absorb.

Sentient -
Sentient levels include another, special particle. This particle is like you, sentient and moving. Kind of like an osmos version of a 1 v 1 face off.

Solar -
These levels involve a new force, gravitational pull. You and all the other particles are being pushed around in a big circle around the large object in the middle. This can make movement tricky.

Warped chaos -
These levels are chaotic. Multiple particles with gravitational pull are in the game, and they mess with everything you had been taught about Osmos up to this point

Epicycles -
 This is yet another strange mission, the pull of the various objects causes bizarre loops in your course and sends you in all directions. It took a long time for me to master this one.

The Final Judgement

Rating:37 /40

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